• Reserve your place to write
    Your success story!

    To be able to access all online documents, maintaining all projects, carrying out all the processes without any interruptions and using the most accurate and secure infrastructure while doing all the above is extremely critical.

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  • Another award from
    Bilişim 500!

    According to the Turkey 2018 Research, vMind was chosen the best in Service Provider, Hosting, Management and Cloud!

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  • Design your data center
    with portvMind

    portvMind serves you the 15-year experience of vMind in a swift and secure way, adapting with your needs.

  • vMind is in Moscow!
    The Great Collaboration with INTACT

    Alexander Zykov, the general manager of INTACT has signed a partnership and collaboration deal with Volkan Duman, who is the general manager of Turkish system integrator, vMind.

  • Never-ending Service with
    Continuity and Performance

    Just like the dedicated motion of the sun, vMind serves 24 hours without any performance loss! Set your watch! Your information systems have 48 hours in a day now.

  • Do not Carry Your
    Problems to the Future

    Not only the current, we solve future problems too. Start constructing your future with right IT investments now.

  • To Grow Your Business,
    the Right Investment is a Must

    Don’t you want a work partner that is dreaming with you? Gain stability in your growth with vMind expertise and right IT investments.

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Our Business Partners

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Platform Solutions

For platform solutions, vMind is with you with its expert resources and quality.


Make PKI automation and its multiple benefits a part of your enterprise life

In the era of fast-spreading digitalization, everything requires automation, and PKI is not an exception. Each year, large enterprises with distributed infrastructure require more and more digital certificates,

smart cards and smart card readers, operators and administrators of Certificate Authorities. Simultaneously, it results in the growing costs of PKI maintenance.

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Indeed PAM 2.5: user experience is a key to resilient cybersecurity

Indeed Identity presents a new version of Indeed Privileged Access Manager. Indeed PAM 2.5 offers enhanced access policy mechanisms, new features and improvements in the user and administrator interface, as well as additional connectors to target resources. Please see below for an overview of the new release.

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Great eight: newest release of Indeed AccMan 8.0

As vMind, We are pleased to announce the release of long-awaited Indeed Access Manager version 8.0.

It is a new milestone in the product lifecycle which lays the groundwork for the development of the system as a complete integrated solution for managing access to all information systems of an enterprise.

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For every solution, vMind is here with you with its expert resources and quality.

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