Indeed AM 8.1: elevated performance of employee access management

A little over a year ago, we released a brand new of our software suite designed for strong employee authentication. The solution has reached a new level of managing employee access to any information system used by any company.

Indeed PAM 2.6: modern response to potential threats

The Indeed PAM software suite has been d to Version 2.6. The release includes a lot of improvements and a number of new features that make activity log analysis easier and improve account management.

Indeed PAM 2.5: user experience is a key to resilient cybersecurity

Indeed Identity presents a new version of Indeed Privileged Access Manager. Indeed PAM 2.5 offers enhanced access policy mechanisms, new features and improvements in the user and administrator interface, as well as additional connectors to target resources. Please see below for an overview of the new release.

Make PKI automation and its multiple benefits a part of your enterprise life

In the era of fast-spreading digitalization, everything requires automation, and PKI is not an exception. Each year, large enterprises with distributed infrastructure require more and more digital certificates,

smart cards and smart card readers, operators and administrators of Certificate Authorities. Simultaneously, it results in the growing costs of PKI maintenance.

Great eight: newest release of Indeed AccMan 8.0

As vMind, We are pleased to announce the release of long-awaited Indeed Access Manager version 8.0.

It is a new milestone in the product lifecycle which lays the groundwork for the development of the system as a complete integrated solution for managing access to all information systems of an enterprise.

vMind presents Indeed PAM 2.3

In the new release, we continue upscaling the Indeed Privileged Access Manager functionality.

New important access control features, expanded user session management options, and improved user experience for a number of scenarios have been added to make Indeed PAM even more functional and convenient management tool. Let’s take a closer look at the following additions to Indeed PAM Version 2.3 with vMind guarantee.

The Machine That Keeps on Working - Business Continuity as a Service

Healthy and firm competition in an industry may be the most desired situation for any company managed with correct work ethics.

This competitive environment helps little details make big differences; thus, giving the space to the industry for natural growth, and making the companies become eligible to compete at the international level.

New Indeed CM 6.2 release shapes the future of PKI

We have added a number of new functionalities to the Indeed CM software since the last release. These brand new features include the introduction of the “Dashboard” section and the support of certificate issuance for the Windows registry and Windows Hello for Business.

The existing functionality has also been improved. For example, now you can track smart card certificates not only at the time of their issue but also after an . Read more about all the changes below.

From legacy to the new era

In the digital ecosystem, PKI management appears to be one of the most complex, yet strongly effective systems that is fastly evolving. The evolution creates the growing gap between the customers’ needs and legacy software unable to address the newest challenges.

On top of obvious information security risks, using obsolete or no longer supported software for PKI management is bound to limit the system capabilities in the future: over time, new smart card types will be released, new algorithms will be created, and new third-party software and operating systems will be developed, and obsolete software won’t be able to support them.


vMind’s growth continued to surge in 2019. A company that was founded and led on by professionals of 20 years of experience in IT services and has been serving the biggest companies in Turkey in and cloud services and IT processes since 2013. Demonstrating a solid performance in 2019, vMind has managed to show further improvement from its 2018 performance and play for the top of its league.

VMind succeeded raising its revenue last year from 2018 levels, and continued to climb in the main list of Bilişim 500. Having made it to the first 150 companies, IT services-oriented vMind appeared in the forefront of the sector this year, despite the fact that the company is sharing this classification with others that directly sell hardware and products.

Future is here!

Managing many digital certificates, the infrastructure administrators of large enterprises have to almost grope their way to greater PKI performance. Even one unnoticed detail can disrupt workflow.

However, lack of visibility was a part of the legacy PKI world. Today, modern smart card management systems offer easy-to-use tools not only for issuing smart cards with writing certificates on them, but also for analyzing the overall and current condition of Public Key Infrastructure. The example of such an instrument is Indeed CM Dashboard powered by vMind.

vMind helps you to become ISO and GDPR compliant

Why would companies be willing to go through the ISO 27001 certification process? First and foremost, to make sure that their cybersecurity program is secure enough. Million-dollar suits, tarnished reputation, and inner turmoil can be caused by one weak and hidden chain leak.

So the certification process seeks for these weaknesses and adjusts cybersecurity to work for the company, not against it.

From chaos to protected privileged access: Exclusive offers to SMB on Indeed PAM supply

To deploy a privileged access management solution is the first important step towards high-level cybersecurity. If an intruder gets access to privileged credentials, he gets access to any type of data.

Internal work structure, financial reports, customer base, legal documents – one attack can make promising and developing businesses fight for survival.

Indeed Identity and vMind, joined forces for the Turkish Market

vMind, the leading IT company in Turkey and a regional player in EMEA, continue to gain strength with new partnerships. We are pleased to announce our exclusive distribution and service agreement signed with Indeed Identity, the leading cybersecurity and IT security company in Singapore and Lithuania.

We believe that Indeed Identity will be a perfect fit for vMind’s professional model with more than 15 years of experience and its expert team that have served hundreds of projects. We believe that our family will become even stronger with this comprehensive partnership agreement.

Reserve your place to write your success story with vMind!

Undoubtedly, we all followed the economy closer than ever during these days as we are shaken by the virus and try our best not to step out of our homes.

It is quite crucial for all of us that all the economic activities that are the main factor for the continuity of social life and ensuring the livelihood of each individual, can survive even under these negative conditions.


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