Perfect Design & Architecture, Smooth and Successful Cloud Projects

As the infrastructure and relatedly internet technologies have developed, Cloud Computing, which has become a part of our lives along with increasing possibilities of use and developing feasible solutions, can be summarized as a public area where your data can be accessed on a private structure or over the Internet, and serves to end users.

Cloud computing solutions contain numerous advantages such as lower hardware costs, advanced performance, lower software costs, instant , higher storage capacities, increased data security, higher and mobile accessibility. On the other hand, they have the disadvantages such as the necessity of constant internet connection and lower performance, thus, a good evaluation and analysis are required.

vMind can provide these services to end-users by using its own systems and the sources of partner service providers. If requested, it can be offered as a special service to the customers who want to back up their systems outside because of the business continuity.


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