Take precautions, Watch and Manage. Be safe while consistent and high-performance systems are running.

As it has become easier to access to the information, it is more important to secure yours. It is getting more and more difficult to ensure the security of confidential information that is not granted to anyone.

For this reason, having the environment in which the data is stored tested periodically by people who act like hackers will further strengthen your understanding of the layered security and lead you to take every necessary precaution after each test.  So that your data will be several times more secure.

During our penetration tests, our goal is not to give you discomfort or fear. It is about strengthening your decisions about how you can make your system more secure. A real-time leak simulation is carried out in a controlled manner by people who think of your system both as an attacker and a security expert. As a result of the tests performed, you can see the status of your protection level in case of an attack that may happen to your system, you can make your system more secure by fixing the detected and reported security vulnerabilities.

Penetration Tests

  • Network Penetration
  • Application Penetration
  • Data Base Penetration
  • Wired-Wireless Penetration

Weakness Scanning

It is a security scan to determine if there are any security vulnerabilities discovered so far on clients, servers, applications, and active network devices in your IT infrastructure. In this scanning process that is carried out within the scope of penetration tests in Network / Application and Databases, we use our own soft-ware and industrially proven tools.

Detailed System Review

One of the processes performed during the Network / Application / Wireless Penetration tests is a detailed configuration and infrastructure review. The purpose of these processes is to monitor your critical systems, your active devices (switch, router, load balancer, firewall etc.) and your clients' compliance with current security criteria. VMIND security experts do not take any action that could possibly harm the system. Following the necessary measures and permissions, these operations are carried out in the presence of authorized persons.


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