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vMind IT Consulting "Information Technology Consulting" services manage the entire configuration process of the infrastructures of information technologies that your company will use to reach its goals and plan the performance, continuity, manageability, enhancement and cost-effectiveness.

IT consulting services analyze your company's information infrastructure and if encounter with any bottlenecks, they are identified and reported. With these analysis reports prepared by our IT Consultants, your needs will be determined, and your company will be offered with the most suitable hard-ware or soft-ware infrastructure. In the solution and application phase, our experienced technical staff serves you in the best way.

Criteria such as providing business continuity, speed up business processes, increasing productivity, reducing operational costs, being ready for failure scenarios are taken into consideration in these sub-structures prepared by the best companies in the world such as Dell EMC, VmWare, Cisco, HPE, Microsoft, Palo Alto, Synology and Veeam.

Our IT consulting services include Dell EMC support, Cisco support, VMware support, and Synology support.

  • Dell EMC Support - VMware Support

    Dell became Dell Technologies after completing its merge process with many global leading companies in the past few months. As a result of these partnerships that have been made to be the leader in the issues such as business continuity, performance and information security; EMC, VMware, Pivotal, RSA, SecureWorks and Virtustream was included in its body. Prior to these smart and pioneering investments of Dell Technologies, vMind saw the power of the technologies that these companies developed and it created EMC Support (now it is called DELL EMC Support) and VMware Support departments. vMind, including its field experienced technical staff, has implemented many major projects with DELL EMC, Cisco, VMware and Synology. Your support requests will be answered 24/7 in a minimum feedback period by experienced problem solvers.

  • Cisco Support (SmartNET)

    Cisco SmartNET is Cisco´s new support understanding. The aim is to ensure business continuity and to meet customers´ problems with the fastest and clearest solutions. The vMind Cisco Support line is built to work integrated with Cisco SmartNet to help our customers to solve their problems 24/7. The priority goals of our experienced colleagues in Cisco Support are to protect your business continuity and ensure that you are confronted with minimum problems. As a result of maintenance and support agreements, any issues you experience / will experience with Cisco products will be answered by our friends in vMind Cisco Support in a minimum feedback period. Rapid feedback from all Support Departments is the undisputed power of the experienced employees of VMind. This gives our customers the opportunity to keep their business systems up-to-date and generate added value.


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