4 different locations and the best sub-structures of the world have merged and now "PortvMind" is on air!

Do you want to take advantage of the latest solutions of the world´s best brands we´ve used in our data centers in 4 different locations? Do you know that we can do all these by lowering your costs and reducing your risk...?

With Pantone Creative, we continue to capture our success stories!

EKU Brake Pad ERP System is now safer and higher performance thanks to PortVMind Platform as a Service solution! We have many success stories coming soon at!

VMind offers 7 × 48 service to the world.

By meeting the technology needs of the institutions with its 20 years experienced staff and positioning itself as the next generation IT integrator; vMind brings its services to international level. Vmind explains what’s done for the changing needs and what its success secret is!


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