Our Information Safety & Work Continuity Policy

Information Safety & Work Continuity Policy

vMind Information Technologies operates in the IT sector, located in Merkezi Çifte Havuzlar Mh. Eski Londra Asfaltı Cd. İdari Bina D:151/1L, C1 blok No: 102, 34220 Yıldız Teknopark Esenler/İstanbul.

vMind carries out its activities on system integration, installation, sales and after-sales support services of information technology products and providing information security for data center and hosting services. vMind always aims to ensure business continuity and adopt information as one of the most valuable assets. vMind Information Technologies Ltd. takes all necessary measures to ensure information security and ensure business continuity.

As vMind Information Technologies Ltd., to ensure the continuous development of our Information Security and Business Continuity integrated management system within our organization:

- All vMind employees and certain external parties identified in BGYS (Information Security Management System) are expected to comply with this policy and BGYS, which is implementing this policy.

-All staff and certain external parties will receive the appropriate training. BGYS is subject to continuous and systematic evaluation and development.

- vMind has created an information security committee, which is managed by senior management and includes Information Security Manager and other managers, in order to support the BGYS framework and periodically review the security policy.

-vMind guaranteed that its BGSY will obtain the verification documents, ISO27001:2013 and ISYS ISO22301:2012.

- This policy will be reviewed at least once a year to respond to changes in the risk assessment or risk response plan.

We guarantee to identify information assets and

* By addressing issues such as the effect on work, the cost of replacing the asset, the confidentiality of information, the effect on the image, and the damage it will cause in terms of legal and legal obligations,

* Considering the possibility of threats, the amount of weaknesses and how much existing controls can overcome these weaknesses, aggressive motivation towards the firm, the appeal of information to competitors, vulnerabilities in access controls and the integrity of information,

- Identifying and evaluating the risks related to the confidentiality, integrity and access of information,

- Performing the necessary controls for all assets above the acceptable level,

- To reduce the possibility of experiencing events that would violate information security, and to respond in a coordinated manner if there is any,

- To continue providing our customers with every possible critical service, in case of any possible disaster scenario,

- To ensure that the commitments we have made are fully fulfilled,

- To improve the infrastructure of the company in order to reduce the possibility of interruptions,

- To reduce the effects of unforeseen business interruptions that will cause financial and reputational effects on the customer,

- Effectively managing the possible emergency situation that occurs when business processes are interrupted and ensuring correct internal and external communication flow,

- Minimizing downtime for unforeseen disasters for the company, employees, customers, suppliers and other critical stakeholders,

- Measuring the performance of information security and business continuity processes,

- Generating focuses and targets from this data,

- To minimize our weaknesses and threats with infrastructure, working environment, hardware, software and education investments,

- And to meet the security requirements of our business, our customers and legal requirements.


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