PiLogger Production efficiency tracking and analysis solutions


Discover the limits of your production capacity!

  • Do you know how efficiently you use your capacity?
  • Are you able to monitor the productivity of your production units instantly?
  • Can you measure the efficiency of your operators?
  • Can you interpret the different data from your machines in one point?

PiLogger gives you all the information you want from the production band instantly.

Observing performance and efficiency at every stage of production is one of the most important requirements. In order for decision makers to access this information, there should be expensive automation systems and long installation processes and sometimes, it may be necessary to radically change their production habits. Also, even if they complete these processes, it is very difficult for them to collect the reliable data effectively from its source. If you can assemble this data reliably and in real time, PiLogger comes across right here, all the data becomes available and meaningful. This information can be combined with ERP systems or have you take immediate precautions, and on this basis it may be possible to run the entire production workflow with maximum efficiency.

Most importantly, this can be achieved with the most effective numbers in terms of installation and operating costs. Now it is possible with PiLogger, to observe the performance of the machines in the factories that use the number and time based machines (PLC/ CNC)  in terms of the distance to the target, the number of realized and produced, from one point. This can be published in a way that all decision makers and/or everyone can see. With this instant summary and detailed reports from different platforms, PiLogger offers a cost-effective service in the most accurate way to see and guard against the possible differences in efficiency of the same type of machine, planned or unplanned postures, or operator-induced delays.

The piLogger device, which is only a DSL Modem sized, can work with alternating current (AC) in its durable case that can work in industrial environments.

With integrated memory and battery protection, possible electrical or data lines are affected by interruptions at minimum level. The integrated operating system on the box and the application can be installed quickly with standard cabling without requiring any network cabling (CAT5,6,7 ..) and send data to MS SQL, LCD TV, Video, IPhone, IPAD, Android OS etc.

Pi Logger with its data acquisition and analysis applications, has the structure which can grow rapidly in the horizontal and vertical directions, from a few machines in the smallest production workshop to a factory with hundreds of machines. It helps you observe your production environment in real time according to pre-determined criteria and make detailed analyzes.

You can observe production units, inter-unit, shift, or operator productivity from a single point. It helps you to plan your procurement timely and accurately, see possible production steps that reduce the yield instantly, make complete and accurate decisions about your potential machine investment, or delaying your high-cost machine and staff investment according to your real situation. 

By collecting electrical signals from 8 different machines at the same time without requiring another server or a client, it transmits to digital media in real time. Having the configuration information written on its RAM, it can write meaningful data directly to the SQL database shown to itself.

The data received here is reflected directly to the LCD panels in the production environment according to the specified thresholds and definitions. It does not need an additional PC for this. The PiLogger data acquisition system has the flexibility that enables you to integrate it into your own ERP system or work with the Cloud, along with optional desktop and mobile applications.

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