Advanced Face
Recognition System

Facemetric Face Recognition System is an advanced product, aiming motion sensory and recognition of different objects.


Why Facemetric?

Why Facemetric?

> Facemetric - A product for face recognition, recognition of different objects and motion detection.

> Strong Partnerships (INTACT, SAP, Jet Infosystems, Beeline, Help-Line)

> Big Firm Experience

> Over 30 years of experience in machine learning;

> More than 10 years of video analysis experience;

> Over 30 years of high load systems development experience (Mastertel, Kaspersky, Infowatch, Zalando, Beeline, NetCracker etc.)

> Over 40 years of experience in process analysis and consumer behavior analysis;

> Extensive experience in most of the DL frameworks available for face recognition, including competitors´ solutions (VisionLabs, Vocord, Cognitec);

> Great experience in capturing data from different cameras.

Controller Function

Controller Function

Human face picture search for analysis/b>

> Face recognition;

> Animated face tracking;

> Saving face pictures;

> Groups the best face pictures and sends them to the server

Additional analyzes

> Analysis of the time spent in front of the camera;

> Counting the faces in front of the camera.


> Reduces the server load;

> Reduces the requirements for the communication channel

> Guaranteed data delivery (data is cached for at least one delivery on the controller).



The search time for datasets over 100k is under 300 ms.

Database Entry

> Unlimited number of faces per person;

> Auto Login - not all matching faces are added automatically;


> Integration with external systems (Russian Federation Ministry of Interior databases, social networks and other open data sources) the ability to enrich the data.


> Possibility of having different lists;

> Different person and list binding scenarios.

Types of Recognition

Types of Recognition

> Unlimited number of people per person;

> Simple detection and monitoring (only for counting)

> Head position predictive sensing (side / oblique / eyes tilted, closed)

> Classification

> Gender

> Age

> Ethnic group

> Emotions

> Detecting distinctive features (glasses, hat, beard)

> Face verification

> Face identification

> Post-procedure (connecting people - organized groups, families, etc.)


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