High Performance Computing


As soon as you connect to vMind´s easy Cloud HPC Simulation platform, you will start working efficiently with its easy-to-use interface.

<b>What?</b><br><small>HPC For vMind</small>

HPC For vMind

As soon as you connect to vMind's easy Cloud HPC Simulation platform, you will start working efficiently with its easy-to-use interface.

With leading CAE software, we process your data with decades of HPC and Cloud expertise at local Datacenter safely without taking your data abroad.

With vMind Cloud HPC, you get a complete solution tailored to your needs. Thus, you can effortlessly use the HPC system in the cloud environment.



Big data promises higher business returns and better business opportunities in valuable corporate datasets to tackle new and purely business challenges that were previously impossible to solve with existing techniques.

vMind allows you to use big data and have a safer HPC "cloud" with larger distributed or parallel file systems and scaling architectures.

We are here to help you store, manage and find new ways for your security.

Architectural Design

Architectural Design

We design tailored technical calculation solutions for academic, commercial, industrial and government customers. With its hardware and software product range, vMind develops a solution that addresses this situation by analyzing the technical computing needs of the customer and integrates every layer from computing applications to software.

Whether customers are looking for a complete turnkey solution or just looking for a single product to solve a specific need, we are involved in every step of this process.

Installation and Maintenance

Installation and Maintenance

As vMind, we have designed and built technical computing systems for an incredible list of customers using our expertise in operating systems, parallel file systems, high performance network, cluster managers, supply systems and configuration managers.

We design systems using open source software as well as many commercial solutions for cluster computing and big data storage.

Cluster<br><small>Management Services</small>

Management Services

Whether it is '' ganglia '', '' nagios '', '' puppet '', or '' cobbler '', '' xcat '', or '' rocks '', we can manage them all. We work with all the leading products on the market according to your preferences.

We can build any solution you need and provide training at all levels.



Every solution we create is fully tested and documented. In this way, our staff of support engineers can access all the information they need to understand the problems you may encounter and find effective solutions for you.

We claim all of the support requests and, if necessary, forward them to our supplier partners as advocates to ensure you get the answer you expect and get the results you need.

Technical support

                           We also provide support for GPFS, Luster, ZFS, Stornext and Beegfs products.

Network Management

Network Management

Networking tools are the circulation system of any technical computing solution and often represent performance limiting performance.

vMind has been working with companies that produce high-speed switches and host controllers that use Infiniband, ethernet, PCIe, SAS, fiber channel and other communication technologies in every solution we have designed for a long time to meet customer needs and cost and performance requirements.

Remote Server Monitoring

Remote Server Monitoring

We carry out monitoring activities for you by including your server, file system, network devices and storage systems in our 7/24 monitoring system.


vMind for HPC

With vMind Cloud HPC environment, thanks to optimizations applied at the back, 100 Gbit infiniband technology and parallel file prompts, you can make your processes much faster.

vMind Cloud HPC environment allows you to connect through a simple browser and make your processes using the applications you want.

vMind Cloud HPC environment is designed at Tier 3 level, meeting 27001 requirements. You can perform HPC processes on a private cloud environment that only you can access your data.

vMind Cloud HPC environment is prepared automatically within minutes according to your demands, in the size you want. The system can be automatically enlarged and reduced depending on the increase or decrease of your workload.

Reduce your risk with a verified, tried and true platform approach verified by Intel and leading CAE / CAD software companies.

The vMind Cloud HPC environment offers a much lower Total Cost of Ownership than other methods as the total value of the CAE / CAD software and HPC expertise model.

<b>HPC for </b><br><small>Engineers</small>

HPC for

Get instant access to CAE software with our native, Powerful, Fast and secure cloud infrastructure.

  • Easy licensing with your own license or Cloud License preference
  • Connect to your processes without the hassle of program installations or HPC architectural clutter.

Speed up your processes <br><small>with vMind Cloud HPC</small>

Speed up your processes
with vMind Cloud HPC

With vMind Cloud HPC, you can reach the scalability and flexibility of the cloud safely, thus, you can keep your data in vMind's own datacenter without taking your data abroad.

  • There is no need to buy state-of-the-art Intel processors and the most powerful GPUs or enter the renewal cycle.
  • Buy a reasonable PC for everyday use and speed up your work using vMind Cloud HPC for your simulations.
  • Increase your competitiveness.

Access to the Applications <br><small>You Want from Anywhere</small>

Access to the Applications
You Want from Anywhere

vMind Cloud HPC solution allows you to do your simulations just like you are working on your workstation or desktop computer.

  • Log in to the system from your computer or mobile device with your web browser. Upload your models using one of the standard data transfer applications.
  • Start your Solver application that you use and work as if you are on your own computer.

Technical and <br><small>Academic Support</small>

Technical and
Academic Support

Making HPC in cloud environments is not a simple one-time setup.

It consists of many parts that must act independently and at the same time.

You need an experienced partner who can guide you through these procedures.

  • vMind Cloud HPC offers decades of CAE and Cloud expertise to assist your specific needs in the cloud.
  • We work with our entire team, including Engineers, IT teams, and CAE software vendor to provide you with a complete solution package.


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