Information Security

Information Security

Computers and communication networks that communicate day by day are constantly accelerating and their capacities are increasing. With the developing technology, the services and users of institutions are increasing in digital environment. As a result, the digital world is a huge economy for malicious hackers.

Hackers try all sorts of ways in order to steal information and damage institutions. In the past, security approaches were focused on detecting and cleaning the harmful. However, today, this security approach is not as effective as before. For example, the most effective method against a ransomware attack is to stop the harm before it infects the institution and causes damage.


It has been inevitable for institutions to take security measures against attacks that may come from inside and outside the institution. To prevent the attacks against services open to the outside world, to prevent internal employees from accessing the harm on the internet and to prevent data loss, some of the solutions that can be used are firewall, endpoint protection, or data loss prevention. The attack or the protection surface must be reduced to the smallest possible size in order to prevent the malware from contaminating the institution. This is possible with the introduction of new generation firewalls into our lives. Corporate services and the access to the outside world are secured thanks to IPS & IDS supported application-based protection and a Firewall operating with Zero Trust logic. If users or servers access malicious software, it is possible to prevent the harm with an Endpoint Protection Software that can recognize attack methods without being activated. In addition, data leakage prevention (DLP) solution can be prevented by classifying sensitive data within the company policies and data leakage outside the organization.

portvMind provides the most accurate solutions for providing end-to-end LAN, WAN, WLAN and Data Center security thanks to its knowledge, experience and partnership with leading solutions (brands). Organizations can easily access security services through portvMind by reducing overall IT costs and increasing efficiency. When security solutions are provided through portvMind, IT departments are offered cloud flexibility and advantages. Institutions can increase the resources according to their needs and use the best security solutions accepted by the industry without the cost of ownership.


Provide protection against unknown security threats as well as known security threats by analyzing your traffic for malware and malicious URLs.

Use identity management in addition to location, device or IP information for access. Create your security policies and authorizations by identity groups.

Create your policies regarding what data can be shared by classifying your sensitive content data and manage your internal and external shares.

Use Endpoint Protection Software that recognizes and blocks the attack methods used by Zero Day Attacks.

Secure access to your remote locations over the Internet with IPSec Tunnel technology. Include your mobile users in the corporate network with SSLVPN. Get secure access by performing user-based application controls and authentication.

Complete information means tighter security policies. Increase the visibility of traffic on your network. Improve your access policies.

Ensure that your services that are open to the outside world are safe with industry-recognized leading products. Classify traffic as soon as it arrives at the firewall to identify the application identity, regardless of the protocol, encryption, or threat prevention circumvention tactic used. Set access policies based on practice.


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