Virtual Desktop


Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) offers significant benefits to IT departments, including improved security and central desktop management. It enables organizations to maximize user experience to increase usage, minimize the number of consoles to be managed, maximize competencies and keep employees safe in accessing applications and data. Virtual desktop infrastructure provides virtual Windows or Linux desktops and applications that employees need to stay productive. The virtual desktop offered offers the same look and feel as a locally installed desktop, even in demanding applications such as 3D CAD engineering or design applications. In addition, by integrating the environment with files such as 3D CAD into the virtual desktop infrastructure, it eliminates the use of high bandwidths when working with large files. The virtual desktop infrastructure supports Thin Clients to simplify desktop management. Thin clients reduce costs and administrative workloads more than a local computer.

Streamline Your Management

Streamline Your Management

Virtual desktop infrastructure greatly simplifies application and operating system management by allowing you to manage applications, user profiles, and operating systems in separate layers. Thanks to this technology, IT departments can present applications and desktops effectively and safely from their own institutions or via portvMind.

With its partnership with leading solutions (brands) in the field of virtual desktop infrastructure, portvMind provides IT departments with the flexibility of providing enterprise-scale virtual desktop infrastructure services for Windows applications and desktops, with the benefits of cloud flexibility, when virtual applications, desktops and virtual data desktop infrastructure are provided through portvMind.

Virtual desktop infrastructure provided via portvMind allows IT departments to expand and shrink resources on demand. With this flexibility, management becomes easier and costs are reduced as businesses pay only for what they use.

Try it Now

You can try the fully functional virtual desktop infrastructure environment provided in portVmind and deliver virtual applications and desktops to all users and devices wherever they are. In this way, you can take advantage of the simplified distribution and low cost provided by cloud services.

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  • Save network usage

    One of the most important advantages of VDI is that it collects all the information that would normally be stored in the user´s computer and stores them in a server located in the data center. Thus, you can save both time and money by making the same data available to all users on the network.

  • Reduce IT costs

    It benefits your company by allowing IT staff to focus on more important issues, rather than dealing with every computer for their maintenance, patch management and everyday tasks.

  • Let the users access their familiar computers from anywhere

    One of the most important advantages of the VDI system for many companies is that it allows its users to access business computers from any device, such as laptop, tablet or phone. In this way, users can access all company resources safely from outside the office and work in the order that they are used to.

  • Don’t let large files consume your resources

    Files such as CAD files or various graphic design files are quite large in volume and when they are summoned from a common area, they consume a lot of resources from both the network and the user computer. It provides up to 10 times faster access than traditional computers as all files and all processing power in VDI system work on server systems.

  • Use VDI resources elastically for high graphics processing

    In VDI systems, a central video card can be virtualized and activated by users, providing an excellent environment for programs that require high graphics processing. For example, applications such as Autocad, Dassault Systems support VDI environments. Upon request, graphic resources can be transferred to the desired computer without any physical processing. As NVIDIA PREFFERED PARTNER, vMind supports all NVIDIA solutions.

  • Back up all your data at once

    Since all user data is stored on the server systems, there is no need for individual backups for each user. An up-to-date backup of their files can be automatically taken from wherever the user works.

  • Save energy

    The resources of traditional user computers are often idle and they are not fully used by users. But this does not mean that they do not use energy. Instead of the energy you spend by running 100 computers for 100 users, you can use 2 servers and a thin client (low energy consumption (about 12w)) for 100 users, thus you will save a lot of energy.


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