What is PRoX?

PRoX is a Corporate TV-Advertisement -Announcement System that you can easily broadcast in one spot or in different regions.

With our special projection applications, we can turn 20-30-40 square meters of your store windows and walls into giant screens. It allows you to divide a single screen into 1-2-4-8 different size of pieces and prepare different broadcast streams for each day.

You can publish your own visual files very easily without anybody’s help. You can make advertisement and/or announcements from webcam, television, web site, videos, word-excel documents within minutes. You can change the broadcast streams remotely. Another important issue is that the system continues to work even if there is not an internet connection.

Use YouTube - facebook - twitter - web tv and let your ads be joyful! You can broadcast as large as you want both inside and outside the building.

It is used in university corridors and canteens as announcement screens and KIOSK. As the general announcements of the university can be made, each department also uses it for their own activity and announcement information. You can play exam results and a game of faculty team on the same screen at the same time. Also, you can broadcast LIVE an event in the conference room from all the screens via IP cameras.

The most important difference from other systems is that the system is interactive and easy to use.

In addition, being able to publish your own visual files very easily and the online-offline running feature of the system give you great advantages. You can make advertisement and/or announcements from webcam, television, web site, videos, word-excel documents within minutes. 

It is used to attract people better with high quality visual messages in the crowded places such as schools, purchase points, waiting Halls, store windows etc.  The absence of restrictions in the messages and having no design constraints allow the single-centered administrated information to be presented easily and effectively and quickly. It supports network, internet and other soft-ware and communication platforms. It can generate a closed-circuit broadcasting system within the system. The high resolution in the product presentation ensures that the desired products are presented better and in ideal quality and customer satisfaction is effective.


Advantages of Using PRoX

  • Consumers can easily be attracted.
  • Helps customers in decision making.
  • Ability to introduce customer-focused products.
  • The easiest way to introduce the product.


Where to Use

  • Schools, Municipalities, District Offices, Supermarkets, Shopping Centers, Waiting Halls, Real Estates, Banks, Restaurants, Hospitals, and the Businesses that want to increase corporate communication etc.
  • You can play your videos in VCD and DVD quality with Multimedia support
  • You can play your presentations in good quality with Presentation Support.
  • You can broadcast from distant points with quality witb the Browser Support. 


The following are the main reasons for using Prox.

  • 75% of the purchasing preferences are determined by the where and when the sale is made.
  • The image directly appeals to the brain as a visual impulse and influence the decision.
  • You can do visual attraction and informing at the same time with the PRoX System.
  • A picture is more effective than the hundreds of words. Price tags and posters are done with this approach. Brain memory keeps images better than other presentation ways. 
  • For this reason, logos and pictures can increase sales up to 33% by focusing attention.
  • Present your campaign on the LCD screen in the same format in all your branches. Information Pro offers you this solution.
  • In the automotive industry, sales and services (product promotion, advertisement, campaign notification)
  • In Consumer electronics and sales areas (price tagging, product promotion, advertising, campaign notification)
  • In restaurants, fast food chains, waiting areas (product promotion, advertising, corporate image)
  • Hypermarket, supermarket chain products and cash register (price tagging, product promotion, advertisement, campaign notification)
  • In the offices of car rental companies (advertising, campaign notification)
  • In construction markets, display areas and cash register areas (price tagging, product promotion, advertisement, campaign notification)
  • At travel agency chain offices (product promotion, advertisement, campaign notification)
  • At product display areas (price labeling, product promotion, advertisement, campaign notification) in the special product chains (textile, shoes, perfumery)
  • In waiting areas (advertisement, campaign notification, corporate image, campaign notification) in banks and financial institutions,
  • Petrol stations (in markets and sales areas)
  • In enterprises where there is a large number of employees and in which internal communication is a problem, in order to increase collective communication (dining hall, corridor, waiting hall, production facility)
  • Large factories, job security warning system, notice board for employees
  • Multi-storey and dispersed service firms and administrative buildings
  • Financial institutions
  • Government offices
  • Art, poetry, project presentations


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