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A Success Story: Dubai Starr Sigorta A.S. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure - VDI

Undoubtedly, we all followed the economy closer than ever during these days as we are shaken by the virus and try our best not to step out of our homes. It is quite crucial for all of us that all the economic activities that are the main factor for the continuity of social life and ensuring the livelihood of each individual, can survive even under these negative conditions. So, how can we keep up with the company processes with the same efficiency as before when nobody can leave their homes and offices have turned into empty halls?

To be able to access all online documents, maintaining all projects, carrying out all the processes without any interruptions and using the most accurate and secure infrastructure while doing all the above is extremely critical.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (SMA) (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure-VDI))

What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)?

VDI systems enable individual users to remotely access the central system from multiple access points with different authorization hierarchies and through high-level security infrastructure. Key features that distinguish VDI systems using advanced IT technologies from simpler systems that provide other remote access are:

Superior Security Protocol: Strengthening VPN connections, data centers and all activities with appropriate security protocols against possible attacks,

2-Step Verification: Double-phase verification systems (2FA) used for the correct authorization of users and providing access connections,

99.99% Uptime: Providing uninterrupted and lossless access from every point of the internet with almost zero uptime loss,

Active Back-up: Always storing data at other points outside the main data center and always updating it in the background,

Disaster Recovery Service (Disaster Recovery): The ability to take effective precautions in the shortest amount of time in case any negative development and even unforeseen disasters need to be overcome with minimum time and information loss.

Case Study: Dubai Starr Sigorta A.S. + vMind Collaboration

Dubai Starr Sigorta A.S. is an insurance company based in Istanbul, has offices in 4 different cities and provides services to customers in various countries. The company carried its entire infrastructure to portvMind in 2018 under the supervision of IT manager Tevfik Ercan. A very comprehensive collaboration was launched between vMind and Dubai Starr to initiate the integration of VDI systems that offer significant benefits to IT department, including Extended Computing Team service, improved security, and central desktop management. Basically, the aim was to facilitate and increase the frequency of use of desired processes, maximize competencies by minimizing the number of consoles to be managed, and enable the whole organization to optimize their user experience in order to ensure that employees remain safe while accessing applications and data. As a result of the integration work that lasted approximately 2 months, vMind’s infrastructure went live for Dubai Starr full-time.

  •  Citrix: Virtual desktop and data center infrastructure
  •  portvMind: The local cloud data center infrastructure
  •  portvMind: It started to take the services of local cloud data center infrastructure services.

These systems were soon used by most staff within the company after the staff realized that it offered many conveniences and improvements for ordinary flow of their activities. vMind continued to provide many services and advanced security infrastructures with its consultant staff and comprehensive activities.

Today, we are experiencing an unforeseen global health crisis in the recent period and it has suddenly made VDI systems a lot more important for the continuity of the processes in Dubai Starr Insurance. Although VDI is one of the newest integrations within the company; enabling all the personnel to work remotely, ensuring full continuity of processes and achieving all this with optimum infrastructure and security protocols made VDI technology and its accompanying features central keystone of the company.

One of the closest witnesses of the whole process, Dubai Starr Insurance IT manager Tevfik Ercan talked about his experience:

“We started a collaboration with vMind in 2018 for comprehensive cloud technology, disaster management and remote access systems. Since then, VDI was an infrastructure that we could use outside the office and in case of an emergency. Up until today, we have been utilizing this system very little compared to today, which is basically all-day, every day. This whole experience, which we have just begun to understand what it really is, has deeply affected all of us and we are sure that many people could not foresee that such a scenario would ever occur. We included VDI with the infrastructure expansion works a year ago, and it already serves as the most important building block of our company in these unpredictable times. This secure infrastructure is the main pillar that supports entire workload and ensures us to continue all our activities without any loss of labor or management liability. We made a very correct decision 2 years ago, and today as the IT officer we are being praised and congratulated by the management for our preparedness. Despite all the negativity we are facing in the world, our ability to continue working has been a driving force that pleased and motivated the whole company, especially me.

We add our experience to the most innovative perspective and offer you unique solutions to make your job easier. Efficient solutions developed with the right methods will facilitate your processes starting today; and it will give you the opportunity to spend more time doing what you do best.

We believe that correct investment is essential for the growth of any business and vMind blends your investments with its highest level of consultancy services. As we can see in the example of Dubai Starr Insurance, where we have constructed the VDI infrastructure, the right investments can one day carry the entire burden of the company in the most unexpected moment and be a savior.

Never forget that you can maximize the efficiency of your investment with the right cooperation. Now you can start reviewing our services, browsing ISO certifications, researching local cloud solutions we offer from 3 different centers with portvMind and asking our experts for information about the entire ecosystem. While we offer cloud solutions to your information needs, we also help you build your own structure with our infrastructure solutions. Contact us to learn the details of our principled and trust-based working system.

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